About us

About us

For many years we have been creating tailor-made solutions for our Clients.
It was at their encouragement that we decided to present
our products to a wider audience.

Monumental is concrete furniture manufacturer.
We deal with design and production,
we combine elegance with the highest quality materials.

The common element of our products
is architectural concrete.

We combine the rawness of concrete with noble wood,
industrial steel, break it with gold,
and combine it with artistic table bases.

Monumental projects
are bold

We value contrasts,
so in our collections you will find combinations
of shades of gray with gold, black and white,
warm wood and raw concrete.

We make opposities
harmonious combinations.

In our collections you will find
various types of concrete tables
– dining tables, coffee tables,
consoles, side tables
and other concrete accessories.

Monumental designers
have created unique
collections of furniture

characterized by modern design
in unusual combinations
of high-quality materials.

Our products will appeal
to brave people,

design enthusiasts,
people looking for something new
and unusual for their homes.

Each of our furniture
is a small work of art
made to order,

which is designed
to create a
unique atmosphere in your homes.