Oak embedded in concrete


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The soul of this collection is oak embedded in architectural concrete.
Each piece of concrete, wooden furniture in the Allen
collection is unique, just like the oak boards it is made of.

Noble and natural wood gives elegance, contrasting at the same time with
the severity of concrete and steel, symmetrical legs.

The Allen collection will at the same time fit into industrial spaces,
and will find its place in the home of every person who values uniqueness.

Wood is one of the oldest materials used in architecture. It is universal and it enables a wide range of creative design solutions to those who seek it. Wood in your interior guarantees good rest and relaxation. It is a frequent choice for those who appreciate nature. Oak in particular, is commonly used in the furniture industry and its durability is widely known.

We consider the combination of concrete and wood to be a perfect composition of tradition and modernity. There is the modern architectural concrete table top, and simple, black, steel legs. The oak element on the other hand brings warmth and cosiness to the interior.The space arranged with furniture from the Allen collection feels very comfortable. These original concrete table tops are perfect for lofts and industrial spaces. The exceptional tables with oak board will also fit perfectly in classic interiors aesthetic.

The beauty of an oak board embedded in a concrete table top is not only about nature and warmth. What fascinates us with this material is its uniqueness – every Allen table or console is inimitable thanks to this oak element. The concrete top locks the wood inside in its unchanged form, pointing up the uniqueness of every single piece of furniture from the Allen collection.

A table made with solid oak wood, architectural concrete and steel will bring style to every interior arrangement. If you care for welcoming, unique atmosphere in your interior without losing its modern character, we invite you to get familiar with the Allen line products! Below you will find all concrete, wooden furniture currently available from this collection.