White concrete / black steel


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Concrete is usually associated with gray. A fresh look at this material resulted
in the creation of minimalistic white concrete furniture –

the Xavi collection, breaking the colors stereotypically associated with concrete.
White, minimalist tabletop has been combined with asymmetrical, black, steel legs.

The Xavi collection focuses on simplicity, but reflects the nature of Monumental
with its original table bases.

Architectural concrete most often comes in grey colours. Our passion for searching for new design and production solutions has led to the creation of the minimalist Xavi collection.

The minimalist interior means maximum simplicty, space, purity of form and lack of decorations. A limited colour palette or uniform textures are also typical features of this style. Moderation in the selection of accessories results in the effect of subdued, tidy space. Each piece of furniture can play a leading role in the arrangement, so it must be chosen carefully.

Conscious rejection of excess does not mean the minimalist style interior should be ascetic and uninteresting. Limiting the number of objects, colours or textures can make the interior elegant and harmonious. Nothing overwhelms us in such space – neither excess, nor exaggerated severity of the surroundings. It is easier to focus, feel calm and balanced. Because of the fact the interior is not overloaded, the furniture and accessories we decide to put there are highlighted in the foreground. Every detail is well displayed and attracts our attention.

While preparing the Xavi collection we intended to create furniture which would not overwhelm with their style or excess of colours, and at the same time would add character to the interior and catch an eye.

White architectural concrete tops and black steel legs of tables and consoles from the Xavi line create minimalist feel to the collection. The exceptional, crossing legs of the tables are the distinguishing feature of this black and white set. At the same time each Xavi piece of furniture is different; the dining table surprises with the original arrangement of the legs, the console with its lightness and the side table with the non – obvious shape of the base.

We invite you to check the Xavi collection! Below you will find a list of currently available minimalistic white concrete furniture from this line.